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Darlington Needs Help To Take Care Of Her Sick Mother Either Monetary Or Medicinal.



Darlington Kwesi Dadzie, is a hardworking man who was raised by her mother as a single parent. Kwesi is a driver and currently needs assistance to take care of his sick mother Gifty Mensah who is suffering from a deadly leg disease.

Taking care of a parent is the ultimate test of adulthood, you give all that you can, in every other imaginable way. It’s harder than anything you’ve ever done. In life’s cruel way, we spend years watching our mothers (and fathers) knocking out any obstacle that dares to stand in their way. They become our undisputed champions, our tireless cheerleaders and the undefeated repairmen of our problems.

Darlington is the only one who has being taking care of her mother ever since she felt sick. He has sold the tricycle he was driving to take care of her mother to help the mother get back on her feet but to no avail. Kwesi is currently broke and need financial help or someone who can cure her mother and he’s going to pay later.

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