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Delay Recounts How She Lost Her First TV Gig For Asking To Be Paid



Delay shares her first experience with regards to the work of television. She disclosed that, she was fired after 8 months of working for a TV station as a presenter on a talk show. The media mogul and entrepreneur recounts on how she was sacked from her work in 2007.

Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as “Delay”, is a television and radio show host, producer, public speaker and Women’s Advocate in Ghana and is well known for her television program Delay Show which turn to talk with industry players, celebrities and public figures.

Award-winning presenter Delay, shared this experience on her Linkedin page, when she revealed how she was fired by the same people who employed her when she requested to be paid after 8 months of working with this unknown Tv station in 2007. She said:

My first experience with television was in 2007 when I was hired by 2 guys ( Rex and Kofi) to be the presenter of their talk show. I was fired after 8 episodes for demanding that I get paid. 

She further went on to share to the world how this motivated her and made her to start her own show by starting her popular ‘Delay show’.

2 months later, I was on set filming the pilot episode for my own show, “THE DELAY SHOW”. I will go on to interview almost every known person in entertainment, sports, religion and on, and on 😁in My beloved country Ghana! 12 years later, my show is the most talked about talk show in Ghana, making headlines every week. My YouTube channel (DELAY TV) has more than 45 MILLION views 🔥🔥🔥, and I’m just getting ready to start.


In 2018, Delay received the Women Empowerment Award at the 3G Awards in New York, in recognition of her feminism and championing the course of women in society.


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