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Fan Base: An Abhorrent Endemic In Ghana Music Industry



Social media has made an enormous change in the way we interplay with each other especially among music fans and fanatics.

We are all affixed in so many different ways that were never possible before. Social media’s main focus was primarily based on affecting our personal lives with socialization, privacy; politics, businesses, productivity, and even the music industry are all being affected.

The internet has totally changed the music scenery. Gone were those days when tigers used to smoke, when music lovers consume every good music without taking “who did the song” into consideration.

Before and during the beginning of this millennium, a fan of Daddy Lumba admired and liked the talent of Nana Acheampong, Exdoe’s stan would waxed lyrical about Chicago’s then-new singles.

Fast forward to the beginning of the last decade, music fans have been turned into slaves and sycophants. It is now deemed socially harmful for a fan of Stonebwoy to commend anything good coming from Shatta Wale and vice versa.

A fan of Strongman will never applaud Teephlow’s artistic mastery and the other way round.

Few weeks ago after Beyoncé announced the release of her much-talked “Black Is King” catalogue, I was disheartened and discombobulated when I saw some of the comments made by music lovers.

Shatta Wale’s heroics was met by sarcastic convivialities and cretinous remarks by fans who don’t support him.

Shatta Movement fans too used Wale’s achievement as a maxim gun firing other artistes like an internecine warfare in the early 1900s, all in the name of trolls.

The irony of this issue is, we all sing the “Support Your Own” chorus when things does not Favour our various artistes.

In reality our music industry is still young, and years behind our imaginary rivals Nigeria.

You are free to support any talent in Ghana, but in showing your love and loyalty, do not become a slave, do not be used in smearing other artistes’ reputation, love every good music, and have some cojones to criticize your favourite artiste constructively when he/she goofs.

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