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Ghanaian Men Think The Vagina Of Female Celebrities Taste Sweeter Than That Of Normal Ladies – Auntie B



Virtually everyone dreams of becoming famous or a celebrity someday taking into consideration the enormous benefits that come with celebrity status.

But after becoming a celebrity, having good and stable relationship becomes a problem, especially on the part of the ladies. A reality which has been reiterated by Auntie B in her recent conversation with Delay.

According to Auntie B, a well-known seasoned actress, most Ghanaian men have the erroneous perception that the vagina of female celebrities taste sweeter than that of normal ladies.

To the best knowledge of Auntie B, this erroneous perception is not helping women including herself to get the right partners. Perhaps, the reason most guys after having intercourse with popular ladles dump them thereafter.

Consequently, she advised guys that irrespective of a status of a lady, the sweetness of the vagina or whatsoever tastes the same.

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