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I Dislike Men With Bad Body Odor – Feli Nuna



Ghanaian female musician, Feli Nuna has indicated that men who have bad body odors don’t fall within her choices.

According to her, irrespective of how rich, how respected a man is, if he has a bad body odor, he is not her choice.

She made these comments in a recent interview stating that no matter how good looking and rich you are, she will never get close to you if you have body odor.

“I don’t like stress at all, so I don’t want somebody who will come and stress me. One thing I dislike is body odor. People with body odor put me off…I recently went to an engagement somewhere, some girls came to stand by me and I could tell they have body odor, I was just upset, I just couldn’t,” she said.

However, she disclosed that if the person is a friend, she will advise him on what to do.

“Sometimes if I see you’re cool, I’ll approach and talk to you. I will be like, oh have you noticed this, oh me, these are some of the things I use and all, if I know that I can help, I will help. But you say it in a nice way because if you don’t say it, everybody around will rather be laughing at them and it’s not good. Because if you’ve noticed it, meaning, other people have also noticed it. So it’s just about saying it in a nice way,” she added.


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