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Ian Jazzi Captures The Beauty In The Hustle In New ‘Kpakpo Shitor’ Visual



Ian Jazzi is back with yet another audio and visual goodness, this time around in the vein of ‘Kpakpo Shitor’. Released barely a day ago, the song might come off as lighthearted, but bears a nice touch of acumen and finesse. All-in-all it is a well-thought-out piece as it is fun.

‘Kpakpo Shitor’ tells a story of the grind! Ian Jazzi likens tales of the daily hustle and bustle in cities to the hand maneuvers employed in literally grinding kpakpo shitor – an infamous local chili. The act sums it all up in a caption; ”This song celebrates the spice of life. It’s the repetition, the rhythm, the refunding hand dance. It’s the hustle. The relentlessness. And best of all, it’s that satisfying reward after the days work”.

Visual-wise, ‘Kpakpo Shitor’ boasts of plenty color. It represents the beauty in the hustle. Scenes cut across life in the city, showcasing the daily hustle in its entirety; the knack that goes into grinding the chili; as well as Ian Jazzi cruising through James Town. and doing the ”grinding dance” with two female choreographers.

Check Ian Jazzi’s ‘Kpakpo Shitor’ out now.

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