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Ijekimora Breaks Out With New Single ‘Sexy Papa’



After a short break, Ijekimora is back with a new single titled ‘Sexy Papa’ to your prestigious radio.

Sexy Papa delves into assuring the opposite sex that some females like Ijekimora can handle themselves and cause no drama in relationships.

She is currently putting finishing touches to her EP titled ‘Kimmorality’ and will embark on an African tour in the nearest future.


About Ijekimora

Born in Nigeria, raised in Dallas, Texas, IjeKimora is a soulful, hip hop diva on the rise in Nigeria and internationally, sonically blending her Pan-African sound with her Western influence.

Her love for hiphop culture is reflected in her musical approach, aesthetics and demeanour which carries a punch of introspection as she speaks in various native dialects.

Instagram & Twitter: @ijekimora

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