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J. Cole Is On Kendrick Lamar’s Level – Charlamagne Tha God



Charlamagne Tha God thinks J. Cole is a “tier below” Kendrick Lamar and Rapsody.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

You can’t really get mad at somebody who prefers a certain artist to another but this is bound to just stir up discussion among hip-hop’s most loyal fans.

We recently published a piece about why Joe Budden and Charlamagne Tha God are hip-hop’s biggest agitators and not even twenty-fours later, one of the famed commentators has proved us right.

In what’s sure to start up some heated debate, Charlamagne Tha God simply shared his own opinion, which he is entitled to, noting how he believes that Rapsody and Kendrick Lamar should be placed a tier above J. Cole in ranking lists.

Speaking with the skilled female rapper, Charlamagne gave Rapsody her respect by placing her in a league above most of the other vocalists releasing music today.

Angela Yee tried to combat her co-host, asking if he would include J. Cole in the same territory since he mentioned Kendrick Lamar in that zone.

His response was genuine.

“It’s just my opinion. I put Kendrick, Rapsody, and that’s the tier. And then everybody else,” he said. When Yee asked if Cole can be included at the table, Charla said: “No. He’s a tier below to me. Not saying he ain’t dope! It’s just my personal opinion.”

Since J. Cole has been killing every single feature he’s touched this year, do you think he should be in the conversation?

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