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Kelvin Kay Shows No Signs Of Stopping With New Single ‘Akwantuo’



One thing is for certain, Kelvin Kay is not here to play and neither does he show signs whatsoever of giving up his dream of becoming a superstar.

His latest single ‘Akwantuo’ arrives just three months after the release of his first single of the year ‘Yanga’ which is doing some good numbers and has been spotted on various playlists across streaming platforms.

Now let’s dive deeper into ‘Akwantuo’ which is a Twi word that means ‘’journey’’. This super hot record is produced by NLMGNM, mixed and mastered by Gomezbeatx. NLMGNM is a familiar name to some and one of the Ghanaian producers who like to experiment by fusing genres and this is displayed on his production for ‘Akwantuo’. The song starts with a popular kick pattern known to traditional Ghanaian music and is met with synths that ease into the harmonic melodies of the keys (piano), guitars and 808’s laced into this fine production which gives you a feel of Afrobeat, Highlife, and R&B/Soul all together.

Kelvin Kay sings his heart out with deeply felt emotions and lyrics which leaves chills down your spine and if you’ve ever listened to Kelvin Kay you know he has one of the best singing voices out here. His message on ‘Akwantuo’ is quite simple yet very delicate.

To forgo his dreams of becoming an internationally recognized and honored African artist or to stay with his love interest who thinks the distance of him having to leave to pursue his passion will break their relationship. With a gun to his head, Kelvin Kay will always choose music, because that is his first love and he knows music is his purpose.

Akwantuo’ is an impeccable record right from start to finish and has a very high replay value, arguably with a rating of 10/10. Dive right into it and you will be a believer. Listen here: To know more, connect with the artist here: Kelvin Kay


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