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Leonard Niipapoe – Holy Like You (Prod. By Mahanaim Studios)



Starting off with a super tranquil interlude that will get your spirits up, Leonard Niipapoe’s new song, ‘Holy Like You’ is one that will certainly gravitate souls towards the Holy One, Jesus Christ.

Produced by Mahanaim Studios, ‘Holy Like You’ is a gospel piece and like any Christian gospel song out there has it’s entire focus on the Son of God. Leonard, together with an unaccredited choir let known their desire – our desire, to be as ‘holy’ as Jesus through deliverance from every sin and temptation. Composed in a style to invoke praises onto the Savior, the song has lyrics everyone can easily connect to, with a touch of tongues.

‘Holy Like You’ has great replay value and is a great song to start and end your day with. Like every ministrant of the Gospel, it’s Leonard Niipapoe’s utmost prayer that this divine piece leads everyone on a path of holiness in 2020 and beyond.


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