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Let’s Talk About Bread And Butter Issues, Not Me Being The Best In Ghana – Obrafour



Ghana’s legendary rapper, Obrafour has told Zionfelix in an exclusive interview that although several Ghanaians think he’s the best of all time, he thinks we should not waste our time on that subject and rather channel it into more profitable discourse.

The dread-locked musician told Zion Felix on ‘Uncut’ and said people are allowed to have their opinions and that should not create rivalries.

‘I believe every human has their opinion and are allowed to speak it. For me, I am happy my name can be mentioned amongst rappers in this country. It is to the glory of God because the talent he has given me has not gone to waste. But for someone to think Obrafuor is the best is just the mindset of the individual. Someone else can also think I don’t even deserve to be in the top 50”, he said.

He, however, assets there are far more important things to discuss than to be going forth and back on someone’s opinion of the top best.

“The more important issues that we should be discussing, bread and butter issues are there to be discussed, happenings in life that we can discuss which will be beneficial. So if Obrafuor is at the number one spot that is not the keys to heaven. If you’re the best rapper, do you get the keys to heaven?” he quizzed.

That is not necessary but it does not mean that if someone expresses his opinion, people should rain insults on him. It’s his opinion so express yours too.

What matters, however, is that God has gifted us with talents. Every individual has their specialty, every individual has their strength, every individual has their style of writing songs. So if I’m number one, another person is someone else’s number one,” he continued.

He said instead of seeing this as a contest and creating rivalries, musicians should rather unite and praise God for the talent given to them.

“The most important thing is we unite, this is not a contest, it is a gift God has given. SO we should rather give thanks to God. Let us glorify God instead than see ourselves as rivals. I have said I don’t want to do something with my own strength and it is not from God,” he said.


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