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Meet The Producer Behind AY Poyoo’s “G.O.A.T” Viral Song



You have probably heard or watched the music video of the song titled “GOAT” (Aponkye) by young comic rap sensation Ay Poyoo. TMGHLIVE  got in touch with the man behind the most viral song of the moment, he is officially known as Alfred Aborga and owner of the blog down).

Mr. Aborga is well known among the young artistes back then and has contributed a lot to creating awareness and reviewing their songs. For some reason, he decided to shut down the blog, leaving social media for about 18 months. He shared on his Facebook page when he got back on social media after being absent for a long while

“I left social media because I felt it was time for me to leave and discover myself properly without any sort of distraction. I think I finally found what I’m destined for and now I’m back to serve life’s purpose on earth properly” He said.

His passion for music is unquestionable and he has been very close to lots of artistes when they were coming up. He revealed that music has always been part of him and everything he has ever done on earth is linked to music in one way or the other.

Mr. Aborga (As Known by many) revealed that he was part of a music group during the “Execution Diary Days” hosted by Obrafuor produced by Hammer where he had the opportunity to get close to Hammer of the Last Two. He said he learned a lot by just listening to how Hammer appreciated music and his approach to making music. This was all before he started his music blog after he traveled to Belgium in 2011 where he is currently residing.

He is now an active Beatmaker/Producer and back on social media, working with young artistes. When asked by TMGHLIVE how he met Ay Poyoo (The GOAT hitmaker) he said:

“I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a video of Ay Poyoo performing EL’s “Efa Woho Ben” which cracked me up so much that I wanted to know more about the young artiste. So I commented on the video and he quickly replied. We had a short conversation privately and he introduced me to his manager who happens to be a friend. I spoke to his manager and we started making plans on Poyoo releasing a trap song which will become his first original release. I cooked the beat within 30 mins, took vocals, sent it back to me in a few hours and I started working on it. Within 48 hours, the song is ready for release. We knew the song was funny and catchy and people will like it. What we didn’t know was how far the song would go.“

“G.O.A.T” has made a huge trip around the world and has caught the attention of top music legends around the world, Hollywood stars, and very influential people from Ghana and across the world. We think AY Poyoo started on the right foot and we expect more hits from him. Mr. Aborga also revealed that he has more songs with Ay Poyoo which are in the pipeline for release soon. The song is currently having 1 million views on Youtube and still counting.

He also revealed that he has worked with other artists and those songs are great too. “Wake Up Stay Up” by Sold K, “New Day” (Hustle) by Sean V, “Gye Receipt” by Fred Mensah (Tintin O’clock), “Summer Bounce” by Mayor and a few others.

“I make custom beats for artists and my sounds are very unique because I want to sound different from everyone. artists can check my page or hit me up on Social Media @MrAborga (on all platforms)” He concluded…

If you are up for a collaboration, you can hit up the “GOAT” producer for your unique and sample free beats.


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