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Nicki Minaj Shows Off Beautiful Lookalike Sister.



Nicki Minaj treated her fans to rare footage of her family recently, fans of the music legend Nicki Minaj were in awe when they recently got a peek at her younger sister, Ming.

The young woman is gorgeous and looks like a younger version of Nicki.

Nicki shared a short video clip of her cuddled up with her sister and father, Robert, and peeps love it. In the clip, Nicki, her sister and dad can be seen smiling and it was Ming that stunned people the most.

Ming looks like a younger version of Nicki and her beauty didn’t go unnoticed. Fans couldn’t help but notice how much the two sisters resemble each other.

According to BBC News Nicki and her dad seem to be getting along better after they had a stormy past. She claimed her dad was abusive towards her mother when she was growing up. Judging by the clip, it looks like she was able to forgive and move on. Good for her!

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