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Nobody Owes You Support- Arnold Asamoah Retorts Kuami Eugene



Entertainment Journalist, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has waded into discussions over the bitter complaints by musician Kuami Eugene that his colleague artistes are not supportive.

Musician Kuami Eugene, in a video posted on his Instagram, complained bitterly about how difficult it is for his colleague artistes to share his recent album or their music projects on their social media handles.

According to him, the best support his colleagues give is to share the music artwork or teaser on their Instagram story which lasts only 24 hours and if by divine chance, they are touched to post on their Instagram feed; they don’t even tag him or the original artiste because his colleagues think by so doing, they will be out-shined.

During Saturday’s edition of Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review’’, Arnold advised musician Kuami Eugene and celebrities in Ghana to stop worrying themselves about not getting support from one another.

According to him, it will be best for the celebrities to stop looking out for support among themselves stressing the call for support is not a mandatory rule.

“I’m telling Kuami Eugene and everybody in the industry that nobody owes anybody support . . . It’s only nice that we’re all in the industry and I have project, and you decide to post or share but it’s not mandatory. It’s not anybody’s responsibility that your success depends on me posting your artwork. It is not true.”

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