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Rihanna Named The Recipient Of The 2020 NAACP President’s Award



The singer/fashion designer has been named this year’s 2020 NAACP recipient of the President’s award at that 51st annual NAACP Awards.

As reported by BET, this award is presented “in recognition of special achievement and distinguished public service.” Derrick Johnson, the President, and CEO of the NAACP stated, “Rihanna has not only enjoyed a groundbreaking career as an artist, a musician but has also distinguished herself as a stellar public servant.

From her business achievements through Fenty to her tremendous record as an activist and philanthropist, Rihanna epitomizes the type of character, grace, and devotion to justice that we seek to highlight in our President’s Award.”

Former recipients of this award include Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, Jesse Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Colin Powell, Soledad O’Brien, and Condoleezza Rice.

The NAACP Image Awards will air on February 22nd on BET. Will you be watching?

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