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Sam Asari To Drop Debut EP ‘’Soul Searching’’ On 20th August



Netherlands-based singer, Sam Asari’s debut project sends out strong ripples of originality with no shortages of ear candy, all the way through its collection of six songs.

On ‘’Soul Searching’’, Sam Asari favors a hybrid sound that will feel distinctively familiar to Africans in the diaspora and music lovers anywhere they may be, per his tuneful blend of Afrobeat, Afroswing and Hip-Hop. Working with producers Samcro and Lotus JXJO, the 22-year-old singer is efficient at convincing listeners of his worth and fire just a song in, which is admirable.

Timely beginning with the already released ‘Come With Me’, Sam Asari’s quite funky vocals sit over the lush guitar chords on offer to truly draw listeners into every word he says like a black hole. The mesmerism gets more intense on the EP’s next, ‘Sauce’ – a song that locks in on a memory Sam is eager to re-live with a beloved.

‘Beauty out of Pain’ surfaces soon after as the EP’s first Hip-Hop sensation. Sam collaborates with American artist, Joe O, recounting how his only choice at succeeding was to create beauty out of his pain. There’s the sweltering ‘Panana’ a few beats later, one that has the crooner takes the reigns of his alter ego, before celebrating loyalty, commitment and dedication on ‘TTD’: ‘’No matter how it goes, just know I got you fosho/If I’m ballin’, you ballin’ too’’, he sings.

Last but not the least is ‘Melodies’, a concluding spiritual song to his stunning debut. No matter how tough it may get, life is a precious gift and Sam chooses to not take it lightly. He is humbled and energized all the same, ready to face whatever it throws at him.

‘’Soul Searching’’ finally embodies the hidden potential of Sam Asari, offering an array of emotions that do well to paint his mental states along the way, bolstered by sweet harmonies, solid lyrics and the choicest of beats.

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