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Soww Ffar’s ‘Kaapete Mi’ Is A Public Announcement On COVID-19



Following on from Zed Ay Kay’s ‘Armah Senegal’ which was advocating for the handshake to be substituted with the foot shake, Dennis Agbenyezi who goes by the name of Soww Ffar has released the second offering on the ”Vaccine Riddim”, of what has been dubbed a series of public service announcements to educate Ghanaians about the behavioural changes needed to be made, to fight the Coronavirus pandemic and to stop its spread.

‘Kaapete Mi’ is a common Ga term which loosely translates as ”Don’t be too close to me” and it is this important message of social distancing that Soww Ffar wants Ghanaians to take heed.

The song is a collaboration between and Accra-based producer, Dream Jay. A spokesman for Kenkeyandfish said

”The idea is to use music to communicate important messages, which will be important in the fight against the Coronavirus”.

Soww Ffar said ”I was asked if I would like to do a song and I didn’t hesitate. I chose social distancing as my topic to address because it is people like me that this song speaks to.

I spend a lot of time in the studio often with friends and this song is saying those sorts of gatherings need to stop”. About the lyrics to his song, he said ”the main message is the importance of social distancing.

The lyrics explain social distancing as the new love. In other words, if you really love someone, the staying away from them is now the way to show your love, because that is what will keep us all alive”.

Soww Ffar is an Accra-based multi-talented artist, known for his indigenous Afro Jazz style. He is also part manager of a promising record label.

Swag City Entertainment. His debut single ‘Womba’ has received rave reviews and he is scheduled to release some new material later this year.

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