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The Only Asset ‘Over-Hyped’ Medikal Can Boast Of Is Fella Makafui – Nautyca



Budding musician Nautyca has taken Medikal to the cleaners for perpetrating what he described as “fake lifestyle” to the public.

In what appears to be a renewed feud between him and the “Wo mo ada” hit maker, Nautyca claimed that Medikal has nothing to boast of other than his “big bootie” lover Fella Makafui.

“Medikal poses as a big boss in his songs and always flaunts fake dollar bills to deceive his loyal music fans, but has nothing in reality,” the up and coming artiste claimed.

He added

“even though Medikal is a good artiste and talented with regard to his lyrical ability; he lies about his supposedly comfortable lifestyle. This over hyped status discredits him, when you consider his reputation. It’s not cool you live in a rented house and survive on your only asset Fella Makafui.”

Nautyca whose career was inspired by the likes of Tupac, Jay Z and other top America stars stressed that, he realised that their lyrics really relates to what they preach in their music and didn’t perpetrate any fake life to hype themselves.

Nautyca has thus advised Medikal and other struggling artistes to live within their means and stop misleading fans with their flashy and fake life when they can’t even afford a fried egg from a first-class restaurant.


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