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Underrated’ Flowking Stone Is One Of The Finest Rappers In Ghana



It has been a week since Flowking Stone sent music fans on social media into a tizzy with his controversial single Best Rapper Africa (BRA).

The Kumasi-based rapper was hailed by many for his lyrical dexterity and he equally received a backlash from other fan base who think a rapper with such fairly salubrious C.V should not be making such audacious claims.

Hip-hop is widely known as a braggadocio genre where an artiste’s inner hubris is allowed to float on a beat like a Jet Ski nosing up to a dock.

After listening to Flowking Stone’s latest track for the umpteenth time, I was left stupefied not because I am oblivious to his works but to the fact that such amazing talent has not been getting a lot of mileage out of his field of expertise.

If content, delivery, flow and wordplay are the sine qua non of a good rap song, then BRA is up there with some of the best rap songs ever made in Ghana.

Watch Best Rapper Africa below;

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