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VIDEO: Pastor Majid Michel Captured Kissing In New Movie After Vowing Never To Kiss In Movies Again



After about three years of staying out of explicit scenes due to his Evangelistic duties, popular Ghanaian actor Majid Michel has returned to his old ‘bad boy’ ways. Way back in 2017, the light-skinned actor vowed not to ever kiss in a movie again because of the calling of God on him as a pastor.

He made this statement on Saturday, October 14 in Koforidua when he was hosted by Dr. Prekese of Bryt FM before the premiere of “Adam The Eve” movie in the city. 2020, Majid has made a sharp U-turn swallowing back his words. He featured in the movie ‘Twin Flames’ set to take the Ghana movie industry to the next level.

In a snippet shared by a social media user on Instagram, the user with name @oseikofichris quizzed what would have made Majid Michel change his mind on kissing in movies. Perhaps the take-home pay was so juicy he couldn’t have let go because of his faith.

He quizzed;

‘Back in 2017, Actor turned preacher Majid Michel stated that was not going to kiss in movies again, as such, he will decline such roles when they come his way.
Fast forward into 2020, we have sighted a video with him locking lips with a lady in a movie. 😂😂😂 What happened to Pastor Majid Michel?’ .

Watch the video below;


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